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• We work cross-border servicing South Africa, Canada, Europe and the Unites States.
• We love engineering, education and humour.
• We are the AI, Blockchain and Innovation team of Merge Africa
• Our talented full-stack engineers can tackle almost any development project.
• We are a technical and creative team that love problem solving.
• We build products for change.
• We strive to create economic opportunity.
• Our team is passionate about improving education.

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About Aryablock

Aryablock is the design and innovation team at Merge Group. Our team of highly skilled engineers and consultants specialize in digital strategy consulting, product development and software as a service. We are especially interested in Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain Technology and Innovative Design for process, product and business optimization. Contact us to discuss our industry specific product offerings.

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Our focus areas:
• Software, hardware and IoT consulting
• eCommerce, web and software consulting
• Cross platform software engineering
• Fast, highly skilled technical support
• Professional service, always.

We build professional bespoke web-based applications or websites developed in line with your business needs. We implement professional security practices to ensure the safekeeping of personal and client information. Trust us to backup and secure your business data in the cloud with several layers of security and functionality to guarantee up-time and backup efficiency.


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